Photo: Richard Turton

Git Involved

We're building an open, free REST API providing geolocated, real-time information about all the gigs in Victoria, with an aim to include all of Australia (and maybe the world). We're especially interested in supporting young & emerging artists, and small & medium venues.  

Live Music Locator is supporting the growth of contemporary music in Australia by developing a high quality, accurate and reliable digital gig-listing feed as well as location-specific gig promotion for local, national and international audiences.


Unlike existing gig listings, Live Music Locator is a single source of truth including every gig in a dedicated region, providing detailed geolocated information verified within 48 hrs of the event.

This feed is provided in a form which can be easily consumed by punters, as well as enabling app and website builders to easily discover and promote live music experiences.


Live Music Locator leverages recent advances in technology to access, classify and verify publicly available data, and makes this information available through a free API.

If you have skills in:

and you love live music...

Come and join us! 

Email if you are interested.